Creative Design & Communication

Imagine to Communicate, to create new imagination and continuous emotion.

Products, Services, Brands and Companies are real: they bring guarantees, values, quality, unique and distinguishing features with them. At the same time, they do exist when and as long people know them and believe in them.

Selling is important, there’s no doubt. But even more important is being chosen. So we really belong to our Customers, so we become part of their emotions, their daily life.

In Netbrand we work hard for your Products, your Services, your Brands to be chosen. Simply this.

With a professional knowledge of all means of Communication: from Printing to Digital, to materials, to the supports.

Study and Creativity for Logos, Brands, Corporate Identity and Packaging.

From restyling to new concepts, to global communication (traditional and digital Advertising, Architecture and Design for Mobile Applications).

We are highly specialized in flexible packaging: Rotogravure, Flexo or Digital Printing. So, our Artworks are designed and optimized already according to the print process that will be used, to guarantee the best possible result in what we wish to illustrate, show and communicate.
We follow and guarantee the entire Prepress process, Selection, Checkings, also with presence at Printing Runs on behalf of our Customers.

This is what we do, at Creative Design & Communication Department, in Netbrand.

What we want to do with you, is to be chosen, both.

Department Manager: Stefano Campagnoli –

Department Manager
Stefano Campagnoli