Packaging & Consulting

This Department manages the commercial activity of Netbrand, essentially providing solutions for the Packaging, which means Technical Consulting, first of all, then Consulting and Management over the relationship between Demand and Offer of packages of any kind, in domestic and foreign markets.

The technical and commercial experience of our team dates back to more than 30 years, with a focus on primary packaging in the “Food” sector, as well through practice on Food Packaging plants and on Printing, Processing, Converting Packaging technologies, and still continues to these days by a continuous update on the latest techniques and innovations.

The insight into the integrated offer that is now a crucial part of Netbrand proposal, comes therefore from the very same customers, which more or less implicitly ask:

– continuous Scouting, oriented to the search of the best Potential Suppliers by sector, and the presentation of opportunities of Cost-saving

– the rationalization and standardization of Packaging Purchases, where possible

– audits at selected suppliers, and presence to “printing runs” to guarantee the respect of the required Agreement Specifications, (or preparation of such Agreements for the supply of packaging, according to the most common Market Standards)

– complete management and control of submitted orders, starting from the study of the project, formulation of the proposal, management of revisions, conclusion of the order, up to the final delivery.

Department Manager: Nicola Dettori –

Department Manager
Nicola Dettori